Take-outs available on some dishes for large parties.  Please come and visit us to place your order in advance.


Lomo SaltadoLomo Saltado

Flamed bite size pieces of Angus Tenderloin sauteed with red Bell Peppers, red Onions and Tomatoes and chopped Cilantro, served with French Fries and White Rice.






A bed of lettuce topped with Yuca Fries and covered with a large amount of fish and shellfish that has been lightly battered with our own see-thru batter nad briefly fried to be topped with a salsa that consists of diced Onions, diced Tomatoes, chopped Cilantro and Lime Juice. Mouth wattering dish that everyone in Raleigh is talking about.




Bite-size pieces of White fish marinated raw in Lime juice mixed with Aji Amarillo and served with raw Onions, boiled Sweet Potatos and boiled Peruvian Corn.

Ceviche MachuPicchu 2 copy




EscabecheEscabeche de Pescado
Fried Tilapia in Onion brine, served with Peruvian Olives and hard-boiled Eggs. Fabulous appetizer.

To place an order, please come to our location at least 24 hours in advance to make arrangements for size and pick-up time.