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cucharonPeruvian cuisine has been increasingly gaining popularity all over the world with the advent of a new breed of chef, following a trend that was started by celebrated Chef Gaston Acurio. In January 2004, “the Economist magazine stated that Perúvian cuisine can lay claim to one of the world’s dozen or so great cuisines”.
Our restaurant provides a lunch menu and a full menu for dinner. The menu consists of a collection of signature Peruvian dishes as well as Nouveau Andean dishes to cater to the Raleigh Community. If you had Peruvian food before, you will love ours. And if you never had the opportunity to try it before, then it is time you experience the Peruvian flavors.

Our Expectations

Our goal at MPC is to attract the interest of our clients and develop a loyal customer base by offering a broad variety of home-made Peruvian dishes and world-class desserts, using only the highest quality ingredients.
Based on the owner’s experience in the industry, the Company Plan for MPC is to build a strong local market position. MPC will do so by offering our products at a competitive price without ever compromising quality. We will meet the client demand and also consistently provide dishes which are made with the same exact recipe; so, if you liked it the first time, you can be sure it will have the same great taste the next time!

Our Commitment

Ceviche TrioWe intend to sell the product as well as a name; we firmly believe that delivering an excellent product consistently will be the base of our success. Chef Gloria’s experience in Peru, Europe and in the States have allowed her to go the extra mile in delivering a product second to none. There will be no compromises in quality. MPC offers only the finest Peruvian dishes made with the highest quality meats and seafood in the State. MPC raises the bar on quality and consistency in the U.S.A.



 Award Winning

Mango PieChef Gloria’s desserts are out of this world; we urge you to try your favorite. 2005 Apprenti Cuisinier Award