Machupicchu Peruvian Cuisine

Machupicchu Peruvian Cuisine

Peru is blessed with 84 out of the 114 Eco-Systems known to the World. This has allowed ancient Peruvian civilizations as well as today’s Peruvians to harvest a great variety of grains, spices, herbs, vegetables, tubers and fruits, along with more than three thousand different varieties of potatoes. This rich harvest, combined with a variety of cultural and ancient influences, culminated in the creation of Peruvian gastronomy, which is traditionally varied and sumptuously delectable.


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In January 2004, The Economist magazine stated that Peru can lay claim to “One of the World’s dozen or so great cuisines”. Over the centuries Peru felt the influence of Spain in stews and soups, Arab sweets and desserts, African contributions to Creole cooking, Italian pastas, Japanese preparations of fish and shellfish and Chinese culinary magic. However, Peruvian cuisine continues to incorporate new influences and also revives old ones. This infusion has given birth to the Nouveau Andean Cuisine, dubbed the New Peruvian Cuisine, which uses ancient ingredients that date back to the Incas and presents them in a contemporary fashion; you must try ours to be transported to one of America’s oldest and most advanced civilizations.


MachuPicchu Peruvian Cuisine

RestaurantAt MachuPicchu, our dishes are freshly prepared to order with Chef Gloria’s authentic Peruvian recipes, using only the finest ingredients. We are committed to consistently providing perfect dishes to our customers. We are confident that you will enjoy our cuisine and Chef Gloria’s creative desserts, some Peruvian, as well as some of the Classics. We use only Kosher salt, canola oil and all natural products, no artificial coloring is used for any of our products; we don’t buy, don’t use, don’t add MSG to any of our dishes.

The Jalea is made with our own seafood mix, we buy the calamari, shrimp, scallops and fish and mix them together by weight and then we make our own batter, we use no commercial batter to make the seafood look bigger. Commercial Jalea mix brings stuff that is unrecognizable and that is why ours has nothing but squid, shrimp, scallops and fish of high quality provided by US Foods of Raleigh. Our Chicha Morada is made from scratch, we boil the corn with pineapple, apples and cinnamon. Wake County Health Department is aware of us serving ceviche and we make it to comply with strict Wake Co. Health Department standards, we take no chances when it comes to safety.

MachuPicchu is committed to Excellence, please ask us about our process and our menu, we will be happy to answer any questions. The best array of ceviches in Raleigh, come and experience the textures and flavors of our culinary art in the form of the best ceviche in North Carolina. We have been at this location for nearly 4 years and during all this time we rank among the top 5 Restaurants in Raleigh on Tripadvisor and the reason for it is that we oversee the operation hands-on EVERY single day providing the consistency you come to expect.

How to make Lomo MachuPicchuThis is how Lomo Saltado ought to be made… The intense heat from underneath and the flames sear the tenderloin making it even more tender to make it a superb dish and that is why we do not use a cheap cut of meat, we go all the way to present something that will leave a lasting impression on your palate.