The News and Observer: One of... "The Triangle's best restaurants for 2015"

-Four Years in a Row!

Chef's Recommendations


A tasty Medley of lightly battered deep fried fish and shellfish served hot, in a bed of lettuce, fried yuccas and salsa criola (combination of diced red onions, diced tomatoes, cilantro, spices and lime...

Lomo Saltado

Another flagship of Peruvian gastronomy, Stir fry and flambé Beef filet mignon tenders (Black Angus Tenderloin) with onions, tomatoes, red bell peppers and cilantro, served with white rice and fries. Incredibly tender...

Ceviche Trio

One of the best sampler combinations The Traditional Fish ceviche: Marinated and served in a Peruvian yellow pepper Leche de Tigre, red onions, cilantro, Peruvian white corn and sweet yam. Mixed Ceviche: Scallops, shrimp and fish, marinated and served in Peruvian Rocoto Leche de Tigre, red onions, cilantro, Peruvian...

Location and hours of operation

Mon Closed
Tues-Thurs 5:00pm-8:45pm
Fri 11:30am-8:45pm
Sat 12:00pm-8:45pm
Sun 12:00-7:45pm

Customer Testimonials

Dennis Berwyn

Dennis Berwyn

Grouper with Peruvian Lima bean salad. Delicioso! Thank you Chef Victor and Chef Gloria! Fantastic!


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